Transitional CalFresh (TCF) Program

California’s Transitional CalFresh (TCF) Program provides CalFresh for five months to households that leave CalWORKs. The county determines eligibility for TCF without the households having to apply for it. A household is eligible for TCF each time it leaves CalWORKs even if it has received transitional CalFresh benefits in the past.

Households that lose CalWORKs because the county sanctions or disqualifies them for reasons that render the household ineligible for CalFresh are not eligible for TCF. Those disqualified or not eligible are receiving SSI, are ineligible immigrants, or a fleeing felon; or the household is terminated for failure to complete a semi-annual report (the SAR 7).

Households/members that are approved for (either TANF or CalFresh) benefits elsewhere are also not eligible. Households which move out of California can still receive TCF benefits.

Once the household qualifies for TCF, it does not matter if the person would otherwise not be eligible for CalFresh, such as becoming an SSI recipient or fleeing felon.