General Assistance (GA) Program


Every county in California is required to provide relief and support to all residents who are not supported by their own means, by friends or relatives, by other public funds, or by other assistance programs. General Assistance is the program that provides temporary assistance to individuals who are not eligible to federal or state-funded cash assistance. Each county's program is established by its own Board of Supervisors. Its policies and regulations are subject to change by the Board of Supervisors depending upon the funds available to the program.

Purpose of the General Assistance Program

General Assistance in Tehama County is a loan program for indigent persons. General Assistance provides continued aid for incapacitated persons while applying for and securing a continuing source of support, such as Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Payment SSI/SSP. Parents living with their children, ages 18 and under, may be eligible for CalWORKs, a cash aid program for families, and thus are not eligible to General Assistance.

Must I live in Tehama County to apply for General Assistance?

Yes. Any resident of Tehama County may apply for General Assistance. You need not have a fixed address to be eligible, but proof of residence is required.

Who may apply for General Assistance?

The following residents of Tehama County may apply:

  • Incapacitated residents who are applying for other forms of continuing support, or who are not eligible for other support
  • Residents whose earnings are not more than the maximum allowable grant

Eligibility Factors

Whether a person is eligible for General Assistance depends on a number of factors such as employment earnings, other income, property value, residency and citizenship status. A full financial eligibility determination is made at the time of application and throughout the period of assistance. Employment

Applicants must be unemployed, or employed with an income that is less than the General Assistance grant. The earned income will be deducted from the General Assistance grant. Persons who cannot work due to a disability can be eligible to General Assistance while they remain disabled as long as they are applying for permanent disability income through the Social Security Administration.


All income that the General Assistant applicant or recipient receives from any source must be reported monthly. The amount received will be deducted from the monthly General Assistance grant. The applicants and recipients are required to apply for any income that they may be able to receive, such as Unemployment Benefits, Veteran’s Benefits, CalWORKs, Social Security Disability, etc.

Property Limits

The combined value of the applicant’s cash on hand, checking or savings accounts, stocks or bonds, life insurance policies, deeds of trust, motor vehicles, boats, and similar property, cannot exceed a value of $1000.00. Up to $10,000 of equity in the house that the applicant owns and lives in is exempt. Any other real property (house, land, etc) is considered available to meet the applicant’s needs.

Other Eligibility Factors

  • All non-disabled persons must be available full time to work and seek employment
  • Individuals who claim a disability of 12 months or longer must apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and follow through with a Disability Evaluation Determination.
  • Parents who have received CalWORKs for 60 months are not eligible to General Assistance until all the children for whom CalWORKs was received turn 18 years of age.
  • An individual who is convicted of a drug felony, who is not connected to a CalWORKs case is potentially eligible to GA, unless the person is either a Fleeing Felon or a Probation or Parole Violator.
  • Pregnant women are eligible to General Assistance during the first two trimesters of the pregnancy. They are eligible to CalWORKs in the last trimester of the pregnancy.
  • Sponsored Immigrants will have the income and property of the Sponsor considered available to them for a period of three years.
  • General Assistance recipients must submit each month a form reporting any income or property received during that month, as well as changes in employment, vocational training or education, address, living arrangements, etc.
  • General Assistance recipients must seek employment and must report these efforts each month to their Eligibility Worker.

What if I'm homeless?

If you are homeless you can receive General Assistance. A worker may be able to refer you to a shelter.

 How much is the monthly General Assistance cash grant?

Grant amounts vary according to the number of people in the household and the employability status of the recipient. Note that grant amounts may change from year to year. 

How long can I receive General Assistance?

As long as you follow the rules there is currently no time limit..

Applying for General Assistance

The application for General Assistance includes completing all the application forms, signing the cooperation agreements, providing all the required verifications and attending mandatory appointments.

Required Verifications


  • Driver license or Department of Motor Vehicles identification card,
  • Birth Certificate,
  • Immigration Status document,
  • Marriage Certificate,
  • Military identification card,
  • Passport

Social Security Number

  • Social Security card or
  • proof of application for a Social Security card.


Evidence accepted

  • Rent receipt or utility bills in the applicant or recipient name.
  • The applicant may provide collateral evidence in the absence of conclusive proof. The 15-day period may begin with the day the individual applied for GA.

Citizenship or Immigration Status

An applicant or recipient must be a US citizen

Verification of Income, property and any additional support

All General Assistance applicants and recipients must provide verification of all earned and unearned income, checking and savings accounts, unemployment benefits, social security benefits, veteran’s benefits, disability insurance benefits and any other income.

Where can I apply?

Tehama County Department of Social Services
310 S. Main Street
P.O. Box 1515
Red Bluff, Ca 96080
(530) 527-1911