Grants & Special Projects 

The PSSF Regional Partnership Grant, also known as the Meth Grant, is a partnership between Tehama, Butte, Lake, and Trinity Counties designed to promote collaboration and service coordination between the counties’ courts and their child welfare and drug and alcohol agencies. These entities have the commonality of working with families who are struggling with issues of child abuse or neglect and substance abuse and addiction, specifically methamphetamine.

It is well known that parental substance abuse is a central issue in child neglect and abuse and it is from this standpoint that the federal Administration for Children, Youth, and Families developed this grant program and accompanying legislation whose purpose was “to improve the permanency outcomes for children affected by methamphetamine or other substance abuse through a coordinated set of services.”

Since the grant was awarded in October 2007 the PSSF Regional Partnership has accomplished many goals and service improvements in the following areas.

  • Cross-system collaboration
    • The Dependency Drug Court model provides a structure and forum for unprecedented cross-system collaboration between Tehama County courts, Child Welfare, and Drug and Alcohol.
  • Early assessment of alcohol and drug addiction with timely referrals for services
    • A Tehama County Drug and Alcohol Counselor is co-located at the Child Welfare office to facilitate immediate assessment of parents when a CWS case is being opened.
  • Early engagement groups
    • Tehama County Drug and Alcohol and Child Welfare Services partner in the offering of the Parent Engagement Group . This has been a very successful endeavor.
  • Motivational Interviewing
    • All Tehama County social workers have received intensive training and coaching in this engagement technique.
  • Family team meetings
  • Nurturing parents
    • Tehama County CWS began offering its own parenting education course using the Nurturing Parenting curriculum instructed by a staff social worker. The results of which have been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Developmental screening tools
    • Tehama County CWS has contracted with a local First 5 funded program to perform developmental screenings on all children 0-5 for whom new CWS cases are opened. Children who are screened as those who would benefit from early intervention services are then referred to the appropriate resources.

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