Multi-Agency Treatment Team (MATT)

The Multi-Agency Treatment Team (MATT) meets to develop treatment strategies that will reduce the risk of the focus child(ren) and his/her family. The MATT strives to develop creative interventions to empower families to reach goals and improve their quality of life.

During a MATT meeting participants will discuss the strengths and resources of the child and family, current issues and concerns, and a action plan will be developed with steps the family and service providers can take to support the short and long term goals of the family and focus child(ren). MATT meetings are a forum where representatives from multiple agencies who are working with a specific child or family can collaborate to strengthen the quality of service provided.

What MATT Can and Cannot Do

  • MATT can refer a child for a Wraparound assessment
  • MATT can recommend a 13/14 level group home placement
  • MATT can provide information about community resources and government programs
  • MATT can provide funding for TBS/TBA services (Therapeutic Behavioral Support)
  • MATT can provide funding for creative interventions developed by the MATT team
  • MATT can help families navigate agency protocol
  • MATT does not generally have funding available to pay rent, rental deposits or utility bills
  • MATT cannot purchase a car
  • MATT cannot provide funding for services unless those services are considered an important part of the treatment plan by MATT and the primary service provider
  • MATT cannot supercede court orders
  • MATT cannot dictate policy to any one agency

MATT meetings can be requested by an agency representative, such as a social worker, therapist, school site administrator (principal), probation officer, drug and alcohol counselor or public health nurse.

To request a MATT meeting an agency representative may contact the MATT Coordinator. Have the child’s name, date of birth, school of attendance, parent/guardian contact information available and the contact information for anyone else that should be invited to the meeting. Be prepared to discuss the reason for the MATT meeting and your expectations for the meeting.

Parents and teachers cannot request a MATT meeting but are key participants in the meeting. If you are a parent or teacher and you know a child in need of a MATT meeting please contact your school site administrator (principal).

You do not need a MATT meeting to refer a child for a mental health assessment or a drug and alcohol assessment.

For more information about obtaining a mental health assessment please contact: Tehama County Health Services Agency, Mental Health Division 527-5631

For more information about obtaining a drug and alcohol assessment contact:
 Tehama County Health Services Agency, Drug and Alcohol Division 527-7893

Parents are very important participants in MATT meetings and are strongly encouraged to attend. Before the meeting the parent/guardian of the focus child(ren) must sign a release of confidentiality. This release gives everyone in the room the permission to attend the meeting. All MATT meetings are confidential and information presented in the meeting cannot leave the room unless it is used for treatment plans of individuals or in the mandated reporting duties such as suspected child/elder abuse and neglect or harm to self or others.

Tehama County MATT Coordinator
(530) 528-4187 Phone
(530) 527-7640 Fax