Parenting Education 

Tehama County Department of Social Services offers parenting classes for parents involved in Child Welfare, either voluntarily or by court order. Parents attend eight weeks of a Parent Engagement Group. The Parent Engagement Group is in collaboration with Tehama County Health Services Agency, Drug and Alcohol Services. During the Parent Engagement Group the parents learn about child welfare and the court process. They also complete four assignments. Once they have met the requirements of the Parent Engagement Group they are promoted to Nurturing Parenting classes.

The Nurturing Parenting classes meet weekly for 15 weeks. There are five constructs that are taught in Nurturing Parenting: development and appropriate expectations, disciplining without spanking, empathy, appropriate roles, and power and independence. There are pre and post tests that indicate the parent’s progress in the class. Parents who have special needs may be referred to home based parenting or a community parenting class.

This Parent Guide is provided to all Parenting Education participants.

Nurturing Parenting is the parent education instruction model that has been chosen by Tehama County CWS and many other local family service agencies in the county. This allows for continuity and reinforcement of the parenting information offered to families receiving services from multiple providers. For more information please visit