Unsubsidized (traditional) Employment 

Traditional, or unsubsidized employment, is supported by CalWORKs. Welfare-to-Work participants who are employed can receive supportive services, including child care, transportation, and other work supports in order to help them maintain their employment.

Subsidized Employment

Subsidized employment is a program in which the participant’s wages are reimbursed to the employer as an incentive for providing the participant with work experience. The goal of the program is to enhance participants work skills so that they are better equipped to find and retain employment in which no reimbursements are given (traditional/unsubsidized employment).

Work-Study Programs

CalWORKs work-study provides work opportunities that enable CalWORKs students to meet Welfare-to-Work requirements while pursuing an educational program. This provides students with work experiences that will make them marketable when they finish their educational program; and it provides them with an additional source of income within the requirements of the CalWORKs program.

Employment Services

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