Job Readiness 

Job readiness provides training to learn or improve upon basic job seeking skills, to understand employer expectations, and to learn life skills needed to move toward self sufficiency. Upon entering the Welfare-to-Work program most participants will immediately be contracted for job readiness assistance in order to prepare the participant to seek employment. These activities may include behavioral health, life skills classes, and job skills training, including preparing a resume or job application and learning and practicing interview skills.

Program Orientation and Appraisal

All eligible CalWORKs recipients will receive an orientation into the Welfare-to-Work program. During the orientation participants will learn about the program, resources available in the community, exemptions, and other imperative information. The appraisal follows the orientation with an in depth review of the participants education and employment background.

Behavioral Health

There are many things that make returning to work or new employment difficult. CalWORKs recipients participating in Welfare-to-Work services are eligible to receive behavioral health services as a part of their activities, or as a job retention service. Behavioral health staff completes an assessment and individual treatment plan for each recipient referred for services. Services include individual and group counseling, monitoring participant progress with treatment plans, providing referrals for additional services, and reporting progress to the employment services staff.

Mental Health

It is important for participants to identify and address barriers to employment and education while on the road to achieving self-sufficiency. Mental health assessments, individual and group counseling, and support groups are available to Welfare-to-Work participants.

Drug & Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol assessments, as well as, treatment and case management services are available to Welfare-to-Work participants. Individualized treatment and recovery plans are created to meet the needs of the client.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence counseling, legal and advocate services, including case management, crisis intervention and the women’s shelter, are available to Welfare-to-Work participants. Alternatives to Violence works closely with CalWORKs participants to ensure they are in a safe and stable environment on their journey to self sufficiency.

Workforce Academy

Workforce Academy provides a recipient with training to learn basic job seeking and interviewing skills, to understand employer expectations and to learn skills designed to enhance an individual’s capacity to move toward self-sufficiency.

Career Assessment

The Welfare-to-Work participants who are unemployed, underemployed, or those who would like to enhance their career skills, will take part in a career assessment process in order to determine the individual's interest, skills and strengths regarding employment and to assist him/her in making educational goals.

Work First Center

A Work First training and resource center is available to assist individuals in building work readiness skills by offering them a resource center and opportunities for specialized trainings. The center has two main areas: the computer lab, and the classroom.

The computer lab has five stations for individuals to work on activities such as: Microsoft Office computer training, the KeyTrain program, which is an employment skill driven curriculum, as wells as, resumes, job applications, and applying for unemployment benefits. The computer lab will also house a fax machine, printer, and phone for employment related activities. The classroom portion of the center will serve two purposes; it will be classroom set up, or a computer lab with up to 12 laptops when needed. ACHIEVE (a workplace readiness training), financial literacy and budgeting, nutrition, computer orientation, and other life skills classes are offered.

The Work First Center is open to the general public to attend workshops and use the computer resource room as space permits. Operating hours are Monday thru Friday, from 9:00am to 4:00pm and it is located at 376 South Main Street, Red Bluff.  

Cal-Learn Program

Cal-Learn is a program for pregnant or parenting teens, under the age of 19, receiving CalWORKs cash aid, and have not yet completed their high school education. This program requires participants to stay in, or return to school. Participants receive the benefits and supportive services of CalWORKs, including child care and transportation for school and work.