If childcare is necessary for clients to participate in CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work activities, they may receive childcare for each child in their family, up to a child's 13th birthday. We provide child care (reimbursement) for children meeting age requirements. A family may choose from childcare centers, licensed family homes, relatives, friends or neighbors. Any unlicensed provider (except the child’s grandparent, aunt or uncle) must apply for Trustline Registration, a background check using fingerprinting.


CalWORKs may pay transportation costs for travel to and from Welfare-to-Work activities, and to transport children to and from childcare if you must accompany your children on the way to your activity. Transportation costs are usually limited to the least expensive means, which may include bus tickets, transportation in the CalWORKs van, or mileage reimbursement (with proof of valid California driver’s license and insurance).


Clients may receive work or training related expenses for books, tools and special clothing needed for their CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work activity. Welfare-to-Work may provide a voucher for work attire, interviewing clothing, and shoes, if needed to attain or retain employment. Certain restrictions apply.

Extra Support Funding

Relocation costs:

Clients may be able to get help with moving expenses if they find and obtain a job in an area outside of their current location. Certain restrictions apply.

Family Loan Program:

The Family Loan Program provides loans to CalWORKS participants who cannot obtain loans elsewhere. The purpose of the program is to help participants pay for unexpected transportation or housing expenses or unpaid fines that could interfere with the ability to keep a job or stay in school. The emphasis is to promote family self-sufficiency. Loans are available for things such as, car purchases, smog checks, first and/or last month’s rent, fines, etc. Loans are available for up to $3,000 for car purchases or for up to $2,000 for all other needs. Requests for loans will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Job Retention Services

Job retention services are available to employed CalWORKs participants after being discontinued from cash aid. Services may include work related expenses, transportation, child care, case managements and behavioral health services. Time restrictions apply.

Supportive Services Resources

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